The Virginia EmComm Association
Is an umbrella organization to provide information, resources and coordination for Amateur Radio groups in the Commonwealth of Virginia that support emergency communications response to various agencies.

The registration on this page is for any EmComm group in Virginia.  This is an interactive registration that you can update at anytime.  Your group leaders will have access to your group's information and can printout needed reports.  You can also change your availability status at will. 
Iron Mountain Jubilee Endurance Ride-2017

We will be providing communications for this horse riding event on August 25 and 26th of 2017.  The event is starting at the Ivanhoe Horse Camp Ground on the New River in Ivanhoe Virginia.  We will need volunteer hams to provide communications along a 50 mile route, 30 mile and a 12 mile route on both Friday and Saturday.  We are also invited to the evening meal on Friday and Saturday nights.  The website for this event is found at   More details will follow.  We use a series of 4 linked two meter and 440 repeaters to cover the route,  This is the K4EZ linked system.

Check back here often:

Communicators 2017 Ride; to volunteer, Click here!


Glen Sage, W4GHSFriday and SaturdayCheck Point #4 Trailer

Beverly Tipton, KI4JTV          Friday and SaturdayCheck Point  Each Day

Frand Howard, WB1USN  Friday and Saturday       Check Point #1 Net Control

Rick Beaver, KQ4AZ    Friday and Saturday       Check Point 5 Each Day

Dee Amsler, KJ4VVL              Friday and Saturday Check Point 4 Each Day

Bob Amsler, KJ4VVK              Friday and Saturday Check Point 4 Each Day

Tom Dotson, KN4DAK             Friday and Saturday Check Point 4 Each Day

Al Keen, N4ZZQ                Friday and SaturdayCheck Point 6 Each Day

Ron Davis, KD4RD                  Friday and SaturdayCheck Point #3 Each Day

Randy Lilly, KA4EMH  Friday and SaturdayCheck Point #1 Net Control
                                                                                                                              Ron Higgins, KJ4VU              Friday and Saturday     Check Point #2  Each Day

Josh Greer, KM4AZW  Friday and Saturday     Check Point #2 Each Day

Lana Coronado, KK4YQL ?     Friday and Saturday    Check Point #3 Each Day

Linda Davis, KD4LBD  Friday and Saturday     Check Point #3 Each Day                                   

There will be no AUXCOMM meeting on Thursday August 24th due to the Endurance Ride on August 25th.  There will be a net on Thursday night the 24th beginning at 8:00 pm on the K4EZ system.  This will be to check out coverage of the repeater system and equipment that has been set up on site.  Those that will not plan to arrive until Friday morning, should check in from home for any late news or announcements.  Net control will be KA4EMH located at station #1.