Operation NOAH
October 6, 2012
0900 until 1400
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Operation Noah

Operation Noah is now history but lessons learned will continue to benefit the emergency communications preparedness in the communities where the ham radio operators live that took part in the exercise.  We are receiving a steady stream of after action reports from across the Commonwealth of Virginia and North Carolina.  These reports reflect areas that have been identified that need additional work to be better prepared for any actual disaster or communications crisis.  The AARs also reflect what went well in the exercise

We have also begin to receive photos taken during this communications exercise.  If you took pictures, please send these to glensage(AT)centurylink.net and I will post these on the page, Noah Photos.  Be sure to include the names and calls of those pictured in these photos.  In the next week or so, I will begin to place information in the After Action Summery. 

It appears that messages sent and received number in the hundreds.  All the Winlink gateways remained up and functional during this high traffic volume.  With the exception of a few pockets of difficulty this was the smoothest and most effective SET that I have been involved.

If you have not completed your After Action Report or sent in your photos please do it right away.

Primary repeaters used in the exercise:

K4EZ..............146.895 and 147.045 for tactical and logistical traffic throughout SW Virginia from Marion to Christiansburg (Tone 103.5)

K4EZ..............146.775 from traffic handling of messages being shifted from 146.895 and 147.045. (Tone 103.5)

W4CA............146.985 SKYWARN Primary,  County (Tone 107.2)

K4ROA..........146.745 Primary for general traffic between Roanoke and Franklin County (Tone 107.2)

WA4ZMS...... 146.685 SKYWARN for central and Southside VA and general traffic (100.0)

W4BRC........ 147.090 tactical and logistical and tactical traffic shifted from 146.895 and 147.045 (No Tone)

W4GHS........ 145.270 tactical and logistical traffic shifted from 146.895 and 147.045 (Tone 103.5)

W4GHS……. 440.750 Intenerate Repeater with Comm trailer on Beamers Knob. (No Tone)

N4VL...........  145.130 with a tone of 103.5 SKYWARN traffic

Other repeaters may be used as for short periods as needed.

The HF net will be held on 3.947 or 7240 plus or minus QRM we are expecting stations to be active from Richmond, Newport News, and northern VA and throughout SW Virginia.

Winlink Address: consult the agency page to get the correct Winlink address.

Winlink instructions: basic suggestions for operators

Winlink advanced: for gateway operators or advanced operators,

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