Emergency Communications Trailer

We often struggle with what we plan to take in our “go bag” when we are called out for emergency communications. In every activation that I have been involved, I have later been aware of things left at home that were really needed. I have also worked with those that arrived at staging or the assigned service area without major needed items. This problem and the need for easy setup motivated me to purchase and equip an Emcomm trailer. So, I decided to purchase a trailer that was custom made with many of the required features. This allows equipment and needed support items to be stored, connected and always available. I choose to go with a dealer that has over 450 optional items. I opted to purchase a trailer 7 foot X 16 foot with tandem axels, built 6” higher than standard with a drop axel, insulation, air condition, heat, 120V wiring, lighting, generator box that also has room for deep
cycle batteries. With the 7 foot width, we will be able to sleep several people if needed.

The trailer will be towed with my Ford F-150 4-wheel drive.
When I picked up the trailer, my wife Sharleen Sage, W1SLS painted the interior and did most of the work on carpeting. Tom Race, KI4JTI and Joan Race, KI4NEQ did a fantastic job on building and installing the cabinets and sheaves. They also did
much of the polyurethane finishing. Dave Potter, W4RPI traveled up from Roanoke and spent a couple of days with us working on making up coax and installing DC wiring.

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