Overal Length:  55"
Height Above Mounting Point: 53"
Weight: Less than 4 pounds with all hardware
Mast Range Size Std: 1" to 1 1/4"
(can be ordered to use up to 2" O.D. mast)
Base Diameter: 2 1/2"
(Made from Solid T-6 Aluminum Bar Stock)
Vertical Body Diameter: 1.670 or over 1 5/8"
Connector: UHF (SO-239) modified
Radial Diameter: 5/16" Solid T-6 Aluminum
Radial Length: (4) 11  1/2"
(with 5/16-18 Thread and Stainless, "Jam Nut")
VSWR: Less than 1:5 to 1 over 10 MHz
140.000 through 150.000
VSWR In Ham Band: 144-148MHz=
less than 1.3:1
Gain Over 1/2 Wave Vertical: 3 Db (dB) Plus
(This gain measurement is not over an isotropic source, if so it would be 5.24 dB greater than the above reference.)  Gain measurement made at 10 feet above ground
Wind Survival: 140+ M.P.H. if Properly Mounted
Maximum Power Handling: 1000 Watt +

Introduction Price: $95.00 , plus shipping and handling, through March of 2003
Model, W4GHS, B-2F "Brute"

All Specifications are the same as above except the base  and overall length is 2 3/4"  shorter with no mounting hole.

This version of the "Brute" is made for sitting on
flat surfaces such as a table or floor.  This is ideal for placing on the floor of your attic or on a table in a shelter or E.O.C. center.  There is a slight down tilt of the radials to allow them to support the antenna while sitting on it's bottom.

Price:  $89.00 plus shipping and handling.