W4GHS "Brute"
.Model B-2
Contruction Details
The base of the "Brute" is machined from tough T-6 aircraft grade of solid aluminum  bar stock.  This 2 1/2" base is machined on CNC (computer numberical control)
turning centers, to very close tolerances.  The wall thickness that retains the outer
sheath for the center radiator is .406 or almost 7/16 of an inch thick.  The wall thickness that houses the 1 1/4" mast (can be ordered for mounting with up to 2" O.D. mast) is .375 or 3/8 of an inch thick per side.  Some well known major antenna manufacturers use .062 wall thickness to be supported by an 1 1/4" O.D. mast.   The "Brute" base is 6 times thicker than this antenna, to allow for the punishment of high winds and severe icing conditions encountered on high mountain top repeater locations.  The main body of the "Brute is over 1 5/8"  in diameter compared to 3/4" on "One of the best selling two-meter verticals ever made".   The main body diameter is about the same sizes as antennas costing 4 times as much as the introduction price of the "Brute".   The mounting base is much heavier than the most expense two- meter vertical antennas.  This heavy wall construction can be viewed in the picture on the left, where W1SLS is holding the base of the antenna toward you.

There are no "stamped out" or "crimped" parts on the "Brute"; everything is machined, including all the threads.  The "sheath" is mounted using 5/16-18 stainless steal setscrews and the antenna is mounted to the mast using the same size setscrews.  An Allen wrench is included with each antenna to fit these setscrews.

The SO-239 UHF connector has been modified to give the mount about twice the strength of a normal SO-239 connector.  The mounting holes have been machined to accommodate (4) 10-24 stainless steel screws rather than the #6 screw the connector was made to a use.  The (4) base radials are 5/16" solid T-6 aluminum with stainless steel "jam nuts".  The best part of this antenna is the performance.  Please read the "Performance Sheet".
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