This is a map with directions to the home of Glen & Sharleen Sage
From I-77 take exit 14, at the bottom of the ramp turn left  on Route 58 East to Hillsville Virginia.  Pass all the way through Hillsville to a signal light where Route 221 turns left and Route 58 bears to the right.  Go right on 58 and you will pass Carroll County High School on the your left.  Continue 8.2 miles from the signal light at the interesection of Route 221 & Route 58.  After going about 8 miles you will pass Crooked Oak Restraunt on your right.  Turn right at the next right turn (Crooked Oak Road).  Continue on Crooked Oak Road for 1.9 miles and our home is a brick house on the right side of the road with a 60 foot radio tower in the back yard.  Welcome!
Click on the map to zoom in and out and to print the map.