Maps to Sage Reunion Site at Stickleyville, VA
The regional map will direct you to US Route 58 that passes through Stickleyville Virginia.  This is the town where the Stickleyville Fire Department/Community Center is  located.  The area is the site where several of the Sage family spent time prior to their westward movement. Other Sages settled here until the present.
The local map shows the turn off RT 58 to Middle Wallen Creek Road, followed by the left turn unto 137 Sage Mountain Road and the fire department/community center.  This is just across the road from where the Blue Spring Church was used as a prison by Witcher's "gorillas" during the civil war (1862).  Several locals were imprisoned and later murdered, including John Davis Sage.  You can find details in "March of the Sages" page 147 and 148.  You can visit the church, the early homes of the Sages' and the grave of John Davis Sage during the reunion if you choose.