The Sage Elk Creek Farm, Now owned by a Direct Descendant, Woody and Lynda Wright
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The above image is of Elizabeth Sage Delp's reading glasses and case.  Elizabeth is the youngest daughter of James and Lovis Sage and she lived until 1902 at the age of 96.
Tradition holds that these artifacts were toys that Caty played with prior to her kidnaping in 1792.
This overgrown roadway leads to the cemetery located on the old Sage home place.  John Sage and Ezekiel Sage, infant children of  James and Lovis Ott Sage are buried here.  Elizabeth Sage Delp and a number of other Delps and Wrights are buried in this graveyard located on the family farm                                                                                                                                      .
These are part of a corner blocks that formed a corner on the last remaining building that was built by James Sage and was located near the log house that was home to the James Sage family.
This rocker was owned and used by Elizabeth Sage Delp, the 14th child of Lovis and James Sage
The headstone of Elizabeth Sage Delp and is located in the Sage Family Cemetery on the Wright Farm.  Betsy died on Jan. 8, 1902 at the age of 96
At this location in the middle of the cornfield is the location of the Sage Home Place and the site of a number of out buildings. Near
N36 degrees 43.642' by W81 degrees, 12.623'
This is where the Spring was located that furnished the Sage household with water.  It was near here that Lovis was washing clothes when Caty was was kidnapped in 1792.  The Spring was tiled over in the early 1970s to allow the field to be cultivated. location is N36 degrees, 43.515' by W81 degrees, 12.582'
Wooden Headstone located in the Sage Cemetery on the hill west of the old home place.
View inside the Sage Cemetry with Mr. Raynard Hale, a Sage descendant in the background
A view from the pasture on the southwest side of the cemetery
A view from inside the cemetery where graves were marked with fieldstones at the the head and foot of the graves.  Two of these graves were small children and were the graves of John Sage, 1782 B & D and Ezekiel Sage B May 17, 1803 and died in infancy. .