This is the home of Leonard & Hazel Sage from 1968 until the present.  The house is located on the Sandlick Road, near Princeton WV.
This house was lived in by the L.A. Sage family from 1955 until 1968  The house is located near the Dan Hale Dam about 6 miles west of Princeton WV off Rt. 20..
Daughters of Glen Sage and Step Daughters of Sharleen.  Top is Vicky Sage Hall, left lower is Lisa Sage Vaughn and lower right is Valerie Sage Umphenour.
Children of L.A. and Hazel Sage prior to the birth of the youngest child Rose Marie.  This picture was taken around 1950 and includes the following children.  Top left is John Franklin, top right, Herman Lester, center, Glen Harrison, lower left Paul Edward, lower right, Mary Ruth..
Westley Hall,  the son of Vicky and Regan Hall and grandson of Glen and step-grand-daughterSharleen Sage.  Westley is 9 years old at the time of this photo..
Megan Hall is the daughter of Vicky and Regan Hall and the step-grand-daughter of Sharleen Sage and grand-daughter of Glen Sage.   Megan is 5 years old at the time of this picture..
Morgan Hall is 5 months old in this photo.  She is the daughter of Vicky and Regan Hall and the grand-daughter of Glen & step grand-daughter of Sharleen Sage.
This is a photo of Trey and Bailey Vaughn.  Trey is 4 years old and Bailey is 15 months old. These are the children of Lisa and S.R. Vaughn and the grand-children of Glen and step-grand-children of Sharleen Sage.
This photo taken around 1957 is of Hazel and Leonard Sage at their home near Dan Hale Dam.
Bailey Sage Vaughn, daughter of Lisa Sage Vaughan and S.R. Vaughn.  Taken at Christmas 2002..
.Bailey and Trey Vaughn, taken at Christmas 2002.
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The children of L.A. and Hazel Sage on Jan.4, 2005.  Front Row left to right Rose Sage, Mary Kahle, Back roll L to R is Paul Sage, Frank Sage and Glen Harrison Sage
L to R, Vicky Hall, Sharleen Sage, Glen Sage, and Lisa Vaughn
Westley in 2005 at the age of 14
Megan at 10 years old in 2005
Morgan Hall in 2005 at the Age of 5.
Bailey Sage Vaughan taken in 2005 at the age of 6
Trey Vaughan in 2005 at the age of 8