This Willard Gayheart original drawing captures an earlier time in the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Galax Virginia.  This is a an "apple peeling" during the Great Depression (1931). Gayheart (The Norman Rockwell of the Blue Ridge) is a local artist from Galax that excels in portraying the people and the culture of this rich and diverse people whose ancestors were pioneer settlers that arrived in this region over 200 years ago, when it  was the far western frontier.  They brought with them their courage, strong work ethic and love of music from their native Scotland and Ireland.  Many of these early settlers were not only great musicians but great craftsmen in the making  of "string Instruments".  These skills continue to flourish here.
You may purchase a raffle ticket or print of this work of art from a Relay For Life team member.  There will also be 250 prints available (200 through Relay) of this original drawing.  These will be signed and a serial number attached.  Once these prints are sold, they will never be available again.  They will only increase in value over time.  You may also purchase a signed copy of the print for $30.00.  The proceeds of this sale will go to assist in the fight against cancer.

If you have questions you may e-mail Sharleen Sage.
This print will be about 12" X 18"