WinLink Digi and Node for ARES/RACES:

We currently have a WinLink Digi at the Grayson County communications site on Point Lookout Mountain.  This is a Twin County E-911 site .  This node is on 145.57 and allows easy connections to the W4GHS-10 gateway.   This digi is now up and running and providing excellent coverage over much of southwestern Virginia and  a good section of western NC.  The digi and node is located at an elevation of 4550 ft above sea level and is transmitting with 65 watts.  The node will be providing support to ARES/RACES emergency operations, Skywarn and other public service communication, but is also open to the general ham population for use.  The digi has an SSID of W4GHS-5

Watch this page for current information on EARS/RACES in the Twin County.

We now have a second digi supporting the W4GHS-5 Winlink gateway.  This second digi is located at Popps Peak near Fancy Gap Virginia and has an SSID of K4EZ-6.  This give additional coverage to the gateway and backup in the event of failure of the W4GHS-5 digi located on Point Lookout Mountain.